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abi wa umi

abi wa umi

my braders and a sister

my braders and a sister

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Friday, September 11, 2009

wHaT iS tHis..?

It was Ramadhan. after sahur, I went back to my dorm. To pack my things. Then...Piskob came in. Syuk and I said, "Weyh Pikob, xyah la tido balek. Ko dah la lmbt bgun. Ingat sng ker nk kjut ko?" Piskob said back, "Nnti ak bgun laa..."

After that, Abg Idham went in the dorm and said, "Weyh Fakar!!! Bgun rr!!! xde air ni.." "NNtilah ak bgun..." water..? what a'm I going to do...? and I went to the toilet and took my (alatan mandi). At the dark night, I left the hostel... ...............ALONE.

I searched.....for water... went this...went there...but there was still no sign of water yet...i thought..(is there water at the girls hostel..? nah..i don't think so...) I continued my search for this important element... I even hurted my leg because of it...Then, I went behind of the new KH building. Hope for water. I opened the tap, water came out...(is this a miracle..???) YeS!!!! I found it. The most important element..WATER...

As usual, after taking that wonderful bath, I came to the mosque to perform solat subuh. But then, I realized.. I sacrificed many things to search for water. Many things...What have I sacrificed in the search of Allah's love...??? What..??? That day...I promise my first priority mission is to search Allah's love..Not water...The end..(pnat laa..)